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Notice of Publishing the Suggestions on further Stabilization of Foreign Trade Growth and Promotion of Transformational Upgrade


 Notice of publishing the Suggestions on further stabilization of foreign trade growth and promotion of transformational upgrade of foreign trade of the city
  At present, the global economic situation is complicated and variable and the demand on international market is reduced, so the foreign trade development of our city is facing a more severe situation. All the institutions and enterprises should seriously implement the decision and deployment of national, provincial and municipal governments, seize the general keynote of “seeking improvement in stability”, maintain stability through improvement, stick to the requirement of “keeping growth, adjusting structure, expanding import, stabilizing export and encouraging balance”, stay rooted in the present while looking ahead to the future, accelerate the stable growth of foreign trade by solid efforts, promote the construction of four great projects of transformational upgrade of foreign trade by powerful measures to realize coordinative development of speed, structure, quality and benefit. To ensure the realization of the annual import and export target and to let foreign trade play its important role in economy, employment and social stability, we give the following policy suggests:
  1.Striving for orders to keep stable growth
  (1)To devote greater efforts in exploration of emerging markets at the same time of consolidating traditional markets and cultivating surrounding markets. To actively encourage enterprises to participate in comprehensive exhibitions and all kinds of famous brand shows home and abroad, to provide greater support especially to middle and small-sized enterprises in their participation in foreign exhibition, to help enterprises to make acquaintance with customers and get orders.
  (2)To give greater support with export credit insurance, to encourage small and mini-sized enterprises to make united application for export credit insurance in order to improve the resistance of enterprises to export risks and to actively accept the orders from emerging markets and new customers.
  (3)Improve the service to middle, small and mini-sized foreign trade enterprises by mainly supporting their participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions, financing, brand propaganda and construction of public service platform to help them get more orders. 
  2.Taking innovative measures to accelerate growth
  (1)To push harmonious development of foreign trade, foreign investment and foreign economy, to support capable enterprises to accelerate their pace of “going out” to contract for overseas engineering projects and drive the export of equipment.
  (2)To deeply push optimization of import and export structure, to guide enterprises to improve product R&D, brand cultivation and marketing network construction, to increase the export of mechanical and electrical products and hi-tech products.
  (3)To push the construction of export quality safety demonstrating zone for agricultural products so as to improve the export quality of agricultural products of our city.
  (4)To intensify the implementation of import expansion project, to accelerate the construction of import promoting platform based on special supervision zone of customs, to increase the import of important resource products such as natural rubber, crude oil and cotton, to encourage enterprises to increase the import of advanced equipment and key parts and components.
  (5)To collaborate with district government to introduce headquarters of foreign trade enterprises, to support the enterprises with large export volume which are registered in the current year, to strive for increasing export volume as early as possible.
  3.Reinforcing service to improve the growth
  (1)To reinforce supervision and coordination by discomposing the municipal import and export target, fixing schedule, comparing and coordinating the performance of all districts monthly and letting important foreign trade districts play important role so as to increase the volume of municipal import and export.
  (2)To make full effort to stabilize export of important enterprises, to follow up the actual situation of enterprises, to deeply investigate foreign trade enterprises, to understand the difficulty of enterprises and to help them solve actual problems. To support the leading enterprises and the growing enterprises and to push the stable growth of export of important enterprises.
  (3)To further improve the facilitation of trade, to seriously implement the preferential policies of customs, inspection and quarantine, state taxation and foreign exchange administration, to accelerate the speed of customs clearance so as to reduce the port costs of import and export enterprises. 
  4.Making full use of policies to maintain growth
  (1)To intensify the communication with Department of Finances and Commerce Department of the state, to seriously implement all policies and measures of the state to stabilize the growth of foreign trade, to establish detailed implementing measures based on actuality of our city, to make full use of policy advantage effect and to really reduce the burden of enterprises.
  (2)According to the decisions of relevant Mayor’s work meetings, to increase the policy capital volume for supporting foreign trade, to set up dedicated fund which will be shared by municipal and district governments according to current financial system.
  Based on the work principle of supervision in position earlier and participation in full process, the heads of competent authorities such as Municipal Bureau of Finance, Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Municipal Bureau of Audit will form a supervision management team for foreign trade dedicated fund. The team will hold meetings regularly, take charge of implementation of supervision policies, review of application materials of enterprises, use and allocation of dedicated fund, reinforce the supervision management of the policy fund for foreign trade in order to ensure the safe, reasonable and effective use of the fund.

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