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Documents and Regulations

Preferential Policy for Enterprises Residing in Export Processing Zone of Qingdao


The preferential policy of “free trade zone” is implemented, i.e. “four NOT, four EXEMPT, two REIMBURSED and one BONDED”.
  Four NOT: (1) Enterprises specializing in processing trade need not follow bank deposit account system for processing trade; (2) Customs don’t implement management by Registration Handbook; (3) The state government does not levy VAT and consumption tax to products processed inside the zone; (4) Import and export quota, license management and formalities of cancellation after verification for received and paid foreign currency are not applicable to goods exchanged between the export processing zone and foreign countries.
  Four EXEMPT: (1) Machinery, equipment, molds and replacement parts imported for production are exempt from tax; (2) Machinery and equipment imported for construction of productive infrastructure and capital construction material imported for construction of workshops and warehouses are exempt from tax; (3) Office supplied in reasonable quantity for own use imported by enterprises and administrative institutions are exempt from tax; (4) Finished products manufactured by enterprises inside the zone and leftover materials, clouts, defective goods and scraps generated during production process to be exported are exempt from export duty.
  Two REIMBURSED: (1) Goods entering into the zone from domestic suppliers is regarded as exported goods and can enjoy tax reimbursement for export; (2) The use of water, electricity and gas by enterprises inside the zone can enjoy tax reimbursement.
  One BONDED: Raw materials, packing materials and consumable materials imported for manufacturing exported products are bonded in full value.
  3.Registration and Approval
  To simplify the certification of foreign investors’ subject qualification. To further simplify the certification of subject qualification of foreign individual investors, the latter only needs to submit the photocopy of passport, visa and entry record which are verified with originals for identity certification; Enterprises or other economic organizations from Taiwan are allowed to apply for registration directly with effective materials such as photocopy of investor qualification and opening certificate which are verified with originals without notarization of local public notary office; An investor from Taiwan who established a company in a third place out of mainland China and invested in Shandong in the name of this company only needs to present the certification issued by a competent authority of the third place out of mainland proving that this company was invested by a Taiwanese businessman, so he needs not submit the notarial certificate of investor’s subject qualification certificate for his project in Shandong.  

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