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19 bus routes in Hongdao Economic Zone to cut off air conditioner


As the weather gets warm, 117 air-conditioned bus routes with "two systems for one line" and seasonal fares will turn off air-conditioning equipment from March 16, with fares reduced from 2 yuan to 1 yuan. It is reported that 12 routes of Qindgao Public Transportation Group and 7 "warm bus" routes of Qingdao Jiaoyun Group in Hongdao Economic Zone will participate in the adjustment.

According to the relevant provisions of the municipal price department, the seasonal ticket price refers to the price of 2 yuan per person per time when the air conditioner is on, and 1 yuan per person per time when the air conditioner is off. The air conditioner will be on from July 1 to September 15 and from December 1 to March 15 of the next year.

The 12 routes of Qingdao Public Transportation Group are Bus No. 761, No. 762, No. 763, No. 765, No. 768, No. 769, No. 920, No. 924, No. 925, No. 927, No. 942 and Gaoxin Express Bus.

The 7 warm bus routes of Qingdao Jiaoyun Group consist of Bus No. 766, No. 767, No. 770, No. 771, No. 772, No. 774 and No. 775.

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