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Hongdao Economic Zone convenes spiritual civilization meeting



The Hongdao Economic Zone (high-tech zone) spiritual civilization construction committee held its first meeting in 2019 at Chuangye building. He Shi, member of the working committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, presided over the meeting.

The selection and review of the 2018-2019 district-level civilized units was discussed and approved at the meeting, and the selection lists of the first "filial piety culture demonstration community" and " filial piety model children" were also approved. The Civilization Office of the district delivered a report on the cultural and spiritual progress of the first half year and the key work in the second half.

Departments and units in the zone were required to further improve their ideological understanding, and be fully aware of the important role that the spiritual civilization construction work plays in regional economic and social development.

The office will give full play to its own advantages, encourage and instruct various kinds of mass culture practice, make good use of its spiritual civilization brands, constantly promote the innovation in form, carrier and mechanism, promote the quality and efficiency of spiritual civilization, so as to make contributions to the social and economic development of Hongdao Economic Zone.

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