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Hongdao emergency response center comes into service


Hongdao Emergency Management and Urban Governance Center came into use officailly in Lanwan Intelligent Valley on September 24, 2019. Zhang Jiangang, secretary of the Leading Party Group and director of Qingdao Emergency Management Bureau, Shang Liqun, vice secretary of the Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, attended the activity.

Zhang Jiangang and Shang Liqun jointly unveiled the nameplate for the center.

In his speech, Zhang Jiangang expressed his hope that Hongdao Economic Zone could take the opportunity of the establishing the center to give full play to the advantages of the platform, give high priority to the early warning role of the emergency response command center, take effective measures of risk control, strive to fulfill the responsibility to protect the land, and create a safe, harmonious and stable environment for the 70th founding anniversary of the PRC.

Shang Liqun called on the all government bodies for further raising the consciousness, refining the work style, working meticulously on safety production, emergency management and urban governance, so as to create a harmonious environment for the people and greet the 70th founding anniversary of PRC with distinction.

Hongdao Emergency Management and Urban Governance Center is the first emergency response platform in Qingdao that integrating functions of emergency management, urban governance, management of public safety. In terms of operation, the platform will fully learn from the experience of Shenzhen and other cities to build an emergency response platform with stronger emergency response capacity, higher precision of urban governance and faster handling ability of emergencies.

Wang Zhen was also presented at the event.

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