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Delegation of Shandong Branch of Zhimi Female Entrepreneurs Association visits Qingdao High-tech Zone


On April 8, Wang Ying, president of the Shandong Branch of Zhimi Female Entrepreneurs Association, led a delegation to visit Qingdao High-tech Zone. Li Hongyan, director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and Ji Fang, vice director of the Management of Qingdao High-tech Zone accompanied the visit.

The delegation visited Qingdao Haite Bio-Medical Co. Ltd., Lanwan Art Township and Qingdao International Business Club (Israel), and had a detailed understanding of the technological innovation, industrial development, enterprise cultivation, urban construction and other conditions of Qingdao High-tech Zone. The delegation highly appraised the achievements of the integrated development of industry and city in the zone.

At the symposium, Ji Fang welcomed the arrival of the delegation and introduced the economic and social development of Qingdao High-tech Zone from the aspects of location advantages, target positioning, industrial structure and business environment. She said that the entrepreneurs are welcome to take Qingdao High-tech Zone as a fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship, integrate their development into the construction of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and continue to promote the in-depth understanding and close communication between enterprises and local governments to reach more consensuses, conduct extensive cooperation, seek development opportunities and share development achievements.

The delegation said that Qingdao-High-tech Zone has many advantages, good business environment and huge investment opportunities, and the entrepreneurs of the delegation are very optimistic about the future development prospects and will actively participate in the industrial development and social construction of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and contribute to the high-quality development of Qingdao High-tech Zone.

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