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Li Hongyan meet with guests of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute


On the April 13th, Li Hongyan, director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, met with Yin Haipeng, vice president of Zhejiang Branch of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and his delegation, and the two sides had an in-depth discussion on related cooperation issues.

Li Hongyan extended welcome to the visit of Yin Haipeng and his delegation. He said that Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute has accumulated rich experience in financial innovation, industrial development, talent training and introduction, which is of great reference significance for the innovation and development of models and ideas in related fields of Qingdao High-tech Zone. Qingdao High-tech Zone has a good foundation for development, policy opportunities, investment environment and business environment, and in recent years, Qingdao High-tech Zone has enjoyed strong economic growth momentum and vigorous scientific technological innovation. He hopes that the two sides can speed up the docking and introduce the advanced model and concept of Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, and all departments in Qingdao High-tech Zone will provide the most high-quality service to the Institute and promote the win-win cooperation.

Yin Haipeng introduced the innovation and development mode and status of Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and 100 million medium-flow listing accelerators in the cultivation of science and technology enterprises. He said that Qingdao High-tech Zone has continuously improved its supporting facilities, and is of strong industrial base and broad prospects for future development. He hopes the two sides will further strengthen communication and exchanges to provide more support for the high-quality development of Qingdao High-tech Zone.

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