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Huang Diyong led a team to inspect the work of safety in production in high-tech zone


To further promote the orderly implementation of the large-scale investigation and rectification of production safety in the high-tech zone, on the morning of April 20, Huang Diyong, deputy director of the Qingdao High-tech Zone Management Committee and member of the Working Committee, led a team to conduct supervision and inspection in some enterprises in the high-tech zone to close safety loophole in production.

The inspection team came to Pacific Can (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Likang Packing Co., Ltd., listened carefully to their special reports on safety in production, carefully checked their system accounts related to safety in production, and carried out inspections focusing on their production workshop, power distribution room, fire-fighting facilities, storage rooms for hazardous chemicals, etc.

Huang Diyong emphasized the paramount importance of safety in production. Enterprises must shoulder the responsibility and do a good job in guaranteeing safety in production, lose no time to rectify the hidden hazards discovered in the inspection, and strengthen the closed-loop management of the whole process.

The inspection was accompanied by relevant persons in charge of the departments of Party work and of economic development of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and security experts.

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