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Huang Diying visits schools on the occasion of 37th Teachers’ Day


On the September 9th, Huang Diyong, deputy director of the Management Committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, led a team to visit the schools in the zone and extend holiday wishes and sincere greetings to the education workers for celebrating the 37th Teachers' Day.

Huang Diyong and his delegation visited five primary and secondary schools to inspect the campus environment, and have a detailed understanding of the school's teaching staff, teaching facilities, campus security and other related conditions.

Huang Diyong said that in recent years, the comprehensive development of education in Qingdao High-tech Zone benefits from the unremitting efforts and hard work of teaching and administrative staff in the district. He said that Qingdao High-tech Zone will continue to strengthen the service and support to schools, timely help them to solve the difficulties and problems encountered, and create good conditions for teaching of teachers and healthy growth of students.

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