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Pu Hongqiang conducts on-site supervision and inspection of the urban management in key areas


In order to accelerate the rectification in key areas of urban management, a team led by Pu Hongqiang, member of the working committee and deputy director of the management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, conducted an on-site supervision and inspection of key urban management tasks such as the rectification of illegal parking of motor vehicles and the improvement of urban appearance and order.

The team carried out supervision on illegal parking of motor vehicles at Qingdao National University Science Park and High-tech Zone Government Service Center. Pu Hongqiang emphasized the need to adopt comprehensive measures and strengthen guidance to divert vehicles to nearby parking lots and increase the number of parking spaces. At the same time, efforts should be made to increase the punishment for illegal parking, especially for parking on sidewalks and green belts, in order to meet the parking needs of the public.

At the Shimao 52+ Shopping Mall, the supervision team focused on examining the work of improving urban appearance and order. Pu Hongqiang emphasized the need to accelerate the implementation of the "Five Responsibilities" accountability system and mobilize enterprises, merchants, and property owners to jointly maintain the urban environment. He also required to standardize the parking of shared electric vehicles, strengthen the management of the Fengpei Road Market, and eliminate safety risks.

At the site of the greening project of Huadong Road, Pu Hongqiang requested all relevant units to work together, cooperate with each other, and complete the project acceptance and handover as soon as possible, and carry out high-standard maintenance and improvement.

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