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QNHIDZ convenes annual symposium on financial work


Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (QNHIDZ) convened the 2019 annual symposium on financial work. Shang Liqun, vice secretary of the working committee and director of the management committee of QNHIDZ attended and addressed the meeting.

Relevant departments of QNHIDZ and heads of 26 financial institutions in the zone attended the meeting. Participants exchanged views on how to serve the real economy and promote the transformation of driving forces of development, and put forward some suggestions on how to optimize the financial development environment and enhance financial service quality.

Shang Liqun said that the rapid development of QNHIDZ is inseparable from the full support of financial enterprises. He expressed the hope that financial enterprises would seize the opportunity of large investment, big construction and huge development to change the service concept, optimize the credit structure, innovate financial products, make full use of credit funds and credit examination and approval authority, moderately give preference to small and medium-sized enterprises, and focus on solving the problem of difficult and expensive financing for science and technology enterprises.

Shang Liqun said that relevant departments of QNHIDZ must give full play to the role of cooperation between banks and enterprises as the bridge and link in exploring the “three in one” linkage mechanism coordinated and led by the government, connected and supported by departments and actively served by financial institutions. The departments should serve the overall interests, take the initiative and work together to solve the problem of information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, effectively break through the bastions of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and further optimize the financial ecological environment of the whole zone.

It’s reported that QNHIDZ introduced 31 financial projects in total in 2018. The province’s first policy-based small loan company and the city’s second technological bank branch settled down here, the province's largest financing guarantee agencies are increased to 2 billion yuan, 10 listed enterprises newly added. Nearly 200 venture capital funds were introduced, and the number of management personnel filed in AMAC ranked third in the city.

Wen Wu attended the meeting.

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