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Hongdao Economic Zone to introduce 300 industrial projects in 2019



Focusing on the two targets of building a pioneer zone of innovation and entrepreneurship and a demonstration zone of beautiful Qingdao, Hongdao Economic Zone will deeply implement the three strategies of innovation-driven development, industry cultivation and overall planning of all fields, and launch a campaign for the attraction of investment and the introduction of talents, the cultivation of leading industry clusters, innovation and entrepreneurship, boosting private economy, construction of efficient Hongdao, reconstruction of old villages, improvement of urban quality and people's livelihood, construction of peaceful Hongdao and deepening reform.

Hongdao Economic Zone is scheduled to introduce 300 industrial projects with a total investment of 40 billion yuan, while attracting three academicians and ten experts in the "thousand talents plan". The zone will go all out to boost the construction of leading industry clusters and strive to cultivate six ten-billion industry clusters by 2022 with the leading industrial output value exceeding 80 billion yuan.

To attract more top enterprises and talents, the zone pays close attention to world top 500 and China's top 100 companies, colleges and universities, R&D centers as well as young and middle-aged experts.

In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, Hongdao Economic Zone aims to introduce over ten high-end projects and speed up the construction of such projects as Shandong University Sino-US International Innovation Industrial Park and the Science School of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The total high-tech enterprises in Hongdao Economic Zone will exceed 300 and innovation and entrepreneurship projects surpass 2,100.

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