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First-round Lanebest Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition wraps up


The priliminary round of Qingdao Lanebest International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition kicked off in Pangu Maker Center in Qingdao High-tech Zone. The contest covers three fields, namely, Internet and software information, intelligent manufacturing, and medicine and new materials. The purpose of the contest is to select talents through the high-quality programs for Qingdao High-tech Zone and tout for the flourishing industries and environment for innovation and entrepreneurship of Lanebest Innovation Park.

Gao Yu, a contestant of Qingdao Vipioneers Company, said that she was very honored to participated in such an high-caliber competition and hoped to get good results. “We are very grateful to Qingdao High-tech Zone for holding this competition, which provide us with a great display platform,” she added.

Investment experts and industrial experts were invited to give marks for these constants.

"we will choose the best projects in the principle of fairness, justice and openness to help the development of the high-tech zone. We also hope that every contestant can get the best results and enter the final competition," said Li zhenwei, managing director of S&T Innovation Capital.

"So far, the projects are relatively diversified, and the innovation and entrepreneurship projects are in line with the direction of the six leading industries of the high-tech zone. We hope these projects can enter the finals smoothly and settle down in the high-tech zone," said Zhao Zhen, business specialist of the mass innovation and entrepreneurship service division.

After a day of fierce competition, projects including Qingdao Less-is-more, Qingdao Vipioneers and Qingdao Luobin Technology won the top eight places in the field of Internet and software information in the competition. Projects including Qilu Clinical Laboratory, Qingdao Gugao Biotechnology and Hanyuan Biotechnology won the top six places in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

The selected projects will participate in the regional finals in Qingdao in September.

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