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Chen Lixin visits Qingdao High-tech Zone


On September 17, Chen lixin, director of Qingdao municipal bureu of administrative services paid a visit to the administrative service hall of Qingdao High-tech Zone to learn about the work of administrative services and business environment.

In the administrative service hall, Chen inspected every functional areas to learn about the layout of facilities, main business and one-window operation of the hall. People in charge of the hall reported on the progress Qingdao High-tech Zone has made in promoting the acceleration and efficiency of administrative services, the construction of "Internet + government service", and the implementation of government service outsourcing, as well as the work plan.

Chen Lixin gave full affirmation to the development of government services of the zone. He said that Qingdao high-tech zone took the lead in Qingdao in the launch of the comprehensive government services hall. The municipal bureu of administrative services will, as always, support the high-tech zone in carrying out the reform of administrative services and the innovation of government services. He hoped that the high-tech zone would continue to make efforts to improve the efficiency and service level of administrative services.

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