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Li Hongyan and his delegation visit Beijing to attract investment


Recently, Li Hongyan, director of the management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, led a delegation to Beijing and visited 11 leading enterprises and cooperation projects in the “3+1” leading industrial fields including new generation of information technology, medicine and pharmaceutics, artificial intelligence + high-end equipment manufacturing, and modern service industry, for an in-depth match-making with the high-end project resources in Beijing and new breakthrough in the investment and cooperation in some of the industries.

In terms of new generation of information technology, Li Hongyan and his delegation visited People's Daily Online, Beijing Hieason Technology International Group Co., Ltd. among other enterprises., and discussed with Ye Zhenzhen, chairman of People's Daily Online, Shi Lingbo, chairman of Hieason Technology among other leaders of enterprises.

Li said that Qingdao High-tech Zone will further deepen its comprehensive cooperation with authoritative media like People's Daily Online, carry out targeted investment attraction, and promote high-quality development.

In terms of medicine and pharmaceutics, Li and his delegation visited China National Medical Device Co., Ltd., China Life Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Sino Cell Tech Co., Ltd. among other enterprises, and discussed with Yu Qingming, chairman of Sinopharm Holding Group, Kong Dechang, president of China Life Healthcare Investment, and Xie Liangzhi, chairman of Beijing Sino Cell Tech, among other leaders of enterprises, introducing in detail the overall situation of Qingdao High-tech Zone and the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and discussing on some cooperation projects.

Li said that the medical and pharmaceutical industry is a leading one in Qingdao High-tech Zone, especially the field of medical care and rehabilitation. Qingdao High-tech Zone will seize the historical opportunity of the construction and enrollment of the University of Rehabilitation and take advantage of its own high-quality natural environment, and accelerate the construction of a comprehensive system in the fields of technology research and development, industrial clustering, scene application, education and training in the field of medical care and health. The chain industry ecosystem will create a demonstration area for medical and health care in Qingdao.

In terms of artificial intelligence + high-end equipment manufacturing, Li and his delegation visited Liando Group and had an in-depth exchange with Liu Zhendong, chairman of the group.

Li said that Liando U Valley has become an important industrial carrier in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and that he looks forward to the continued deepening of cooperation between the two parties.

In terms of modern service industry, Li and his delegation visited Beijing Capital Grand Limited, Beijing Offcn Education Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Jintian Film and Television Industrial Park, Beijing Crystal CG Culture & Exhibition Co., Ltd., among other enterprises, and learned in detail about the industries of film and television, digital image and vision systems and the products.

Li pointed out that Qingdao High-tech Zone has always been taking a long-term view and going all out to promote service industry projects such as commerce and education, and taking it as an important starting point for gathering high-end talents, improving living facilities, and accelerating the integration of the industries and the city. He said that he looks forward to strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation with related enterprises in more fields and jointly achieving high-quality development.

Ji Fang, deputy director of the management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, and the heads of the comprehensive department, investment promotion department, administrative approval service department, etc. participated in the visit.

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