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Mid-Autumn Festival fair carnival in full swing


A fair carnival to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival was in full swing recently in Qingdao High-tech Zone, attracting crowds of citizens and tourists to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Strolling around the carnival, citizens and tourists cannot only have the chance to take a closer look at the intangible cultural heritage such as hand-made sachet, paper-cut art and Jiaodong steamed buns, but also purchase various types of mooncakes, high-end alcoholic beverages, and exquisite tea leaves as gifts for relatives and friends. If you get tired, you can buy some snacks or a dessert to enjoy while shopping. This must be the best way to spend the weekend.

The fair consists of five sections including intangible cultural heritage traditional craftsmanship, exquisite Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, popular snacks, clown parade performances, and puppet interactive performances. With a total of more than 50 brands, the carnival creates a unique and vibrant autumn market for the citizens of the zone.


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