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Lecture on the incubation of benchmarking enterprises delivered in Qingdao High-tech Zone


To promote the construction of Qingdao's benchmark incubators, the eighth session of the 2023 Qingdao Incubation Lecture Series, titled ‘Policy Interpretation to Support Incubation and Cultivation', was successfully held at the Qingdao Industrial Research Institute. More than 50 representatives from various incubators in Qingdao, including Lanbei Innovation Park, Gucang Technology, and Youzhu Investment Holdings, participated in this event.

At the meeting, Teng Yunfeng, expert and director of the municipal research institute, was invited to give an analysis and explanation of the development trend of incubators and the background of benchmark incubator construction, with focus on policies of ‘evaluation criteria' and ‘support and application procedures' in the Management Measures for Benchmark Incubators in Qingdao.

Focusing on different themes, the Incubation Lecture Series have held 8 sessions this year, aiming at solving development difficulties for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. The lecture this time analyzed and explained the application and certification of benchmark incubators from a professional and practical perspective, helping participating incubators clarify their development ideas and promote the overall improvement of the incubation efficiency in Qingdao City.

As a benchmark incubator, Qingdao Industrial Research Institute will continue to the innovate incubation model, strive to improve the level of scientific and technological services, and promote the upgrading of science and technology incubation services in Qingdao High-tech Zone and Qingdao.

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