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Investment Policy

The Investment Preferential Policy for Qingdao Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone


  1.The enterprise that conforms to the Hi-tech enterprise identification conditions may enjoy the relevant preferential policies for Hi-tech enterprises as per relevant provisions of Tax Law.

  2.For the local revenue realized by newly paid taxes, the Department of Finance shall give 100% reward during the first three years and 50% reward during the following three years according to the current financial system.

  3.The income from technological development, technology transfer and related technical consultancy and technical service shall be exempt from business tax after getting the approval.

  4.The research and development institution is allowed to deduct its taxable income by 150% of its actual technological development cost of the same year. The remaining amount not deducted of the actual technological development cost may be carried over for deduction within the following 5 years as per the Tax Law.

  5.The research and development institution identified as national, provincial or municipal institution will be rewarded according to current policies.

  6.The imported articles in reasonable quantity for scientific and technological research and development that cannot be produced in China or of which the Chinese equivalent cannot meet the demand may enjoy the preferential policy of exemption of import duty and VAT according to relevant national regulations for importation of scientific and educational products.

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