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Ⅰ Overview


Founded in November 1992, Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (the High-tech Zone), approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, expanded to be a main zone in Northern Kiaochow Bay in August 2006. In November 2007, Qingdao Government set up the Working Committee and Management Committee in the High-tech Zone and endowed it with municipal authority in economic management to take charge of the development and construction of the main zone, while coordinating and guiding the work of Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Park, Qingdao New Technology Industry Development Pilot Zone, Qingdao Technology Street and Shinan Software Park. On 31 May, 2012, the city authorities established the Working Committee and Management Committee for Hongdao Economic Zone, which is under the charge of the same administration as the High-tech Zone, to govern the High-tech Zone, Qingdao Export Processing Zone, Hongdao Street and Hetao Street covering a land area of 167 square kilometers with a population of 81,000 in 35 communities. In February 2015, the High-tech Zone was enlarged to 327.8 square kilometers after the Blue Silicon Valley Core Zone, Marine Scientific and Technological Innovation and Incubation Belt and Qingdao (Jiaonan) New Technology Industry Development Pilot Zone were included in the High-tech Zone. In January 2017, Qingdao Export Processing Zone was transferred to Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone.

Development Status

In recent years, Hongdao Economic Zone (the High-tech Zone) has been earnestly carrying out the spirit of the 18th National Congress and all previous plenums, further promoting the five development concepts: innovation, coordination, green development, opening up and sharing, keeping in mind the requirement to reflect its high-end position and take the lead in development, and has realized the stable and healthy development of the economy. The High-tech Zone was included in the construction list of national independent demonstration areas of Shandong Peninsula in April 2016. In 2016, the gross output value of industries above designated size rose by 6.4% to 26.816 billion yuan, while the added value ofindustries above designated size rose by 10.1% to 5.096 billion yuan. The same year, the investment in fixed assets totaled 15.6 billion yuan, up 14.1%, and the revenues of general public budget reached 2.02 billion yuan, an increase of 31.3%. The growth rate of major economic indicators is in the front ranking in the city.

Honors and Achievements

First Batch of Pilot Areas of National S&T Service Industry

National Software and Information Service Industry Demonstration Base

National Robotic High-tech Industrialization Base

National Torch Qingdao Marine Biomedical Characteristic Industry Base

Qingdao National Marine Equipment High-tech Industrialization Base

National Torch Graphene and Advanced Carbon Material Characteristic Industry Base

First National Ecological Cultivation Pioneering Demonstration Zone

National Smart City Pilot Zone

National-level Ecological Industry Demonstration Park

China’s Economic Park with Greatest Investment Potential

First Batch of National Pilot Zone for Innovationand Entrepreneurship Corporate Bonds

National Pilot Unit of Low-carbon Industrial Park

Demonstration Base for Entrepreneurship Talent Training

Shandong Provincial Cultivated Unit

ⅡIndustrial Pattern

Since being established, Qingdao High-tech Zone has been focusing on high-end and international industry with big market shares to further optimize the industrial direction. The High-tech Zone has implemented six projects for industrial development with 935 projects introduced and 2.176 trillion yuan invested. All the six industries here are approved as national-level characteristic industrial demonstration bases. The emerging industrial organization and entrepreneurship demonstration project was included in the “China Entrepreneurs” Action Plan.


The project focuses on the fields of software and hardware and introduced 162 key programs and parks in total. ZTE Internet and Information Qingdao Science and Technology Park, Jinshanyun Town with an investment of 3 billion yuan, Huawei Qingdao Cloud Computing Data Center and Joint Innovation Center have all sealed deals; the national first project for the production line of 6-inch second and third-generation epitaxial SIC wafer is under construction; the first national-level Security Technology Industrial Park was inaugurated.


The projects focus on the fields of precision medicine, new drug research and medical devices with 111 related programs introduced. A batch of projects settled down here including Huanghai Pharma, Sino-US International Innovation Industrial Park of Shandong University, Qindao Orbiepharm, Qingdao Huaren Pharmaceutical Company,Yebio Biological Engineering Company. In addition, the High-tech Zone has introduced a batch of biomedical research platforms such as the Research Center for Stem Cells and Biological Therapy and the Engineering Research Center which are both run jointly by international and local institutions.


The project focuses on the fields of intelligent system solutions for traditional production lines, robots and Graphene. The world’s four robot giants——ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa and Fanuc, all settled down in the High-tech Zone. Six out of top ten robot enterprise have located in the zone. The International Business Port of Liandong U Vally has come into service. Moreover, the High-tech Zone gained approval to build Qingdao Graphene Technology and Innovation Center while the first domestic international graphene innovation center, themunicipal first international graphene technological cooperation base and the public detection platform of graphene settled here. Now the graphene static-conducting tire is available for volume production.


The project focuses on thefields of finance, funding, and internet finance with 8 commercial bank branches, 115 fund venture investment institutions introduced that manage a fund of 12 billion yuan. The zone has set up the first technological bank branch in the province, jointly built the province’s first internet financial industry park with Zhongguancun and put the city’s only fund park into use. The zone has been listed in the first batch of pilot projects of innovation and entrepreneurship corporate bond and is building the branch center of Blue Ocean Equity Exchange and Qingdao incubation base of Shanghai Equity Exchange. The High-tech Zone is making efforts to forge a complete industrial chain that groups the traditional finance, funding and internet finance together, and build itself into a financial center of North Qingdao.


The project focuses on the fields of vertical ecommerce, bulk commodity trading, application-class websites, cloud and big data. The High-tech zone has recruited a batch of industry-leading enterprises, including Qingdao International Agricultural Trade Center, mobile data of China Mobile, the project headquarters of MOKO, and so on. Besides, it is vigorously pushing forward the construction of Qingdao Park of China iValley, Smart Industrial Park of Hexagon, Kaifeng Internet Technological Industry Park, Qingdao International Big Data Industrial Park and Electrical Technological Business Incubator of Huatong Group to build the new high land of internet industry.


The project focuses on the fields of headquarters economy, cultural creativity, intermediate body and tourism. A multitude of programs are under construction including High-speed Rail Times Square, the technological headquarters and research center of Huatong Group, Eastang Video Creative Park, Haier Global Innovation Center, Haier New Industry Park, Fantawild Dreamland and Garden of Eden. The zone endeavors to forge the domestic first-class cluster of high-end service industry and boost the overall bearing capacity of industrial development and technological development.

ⅢEntrepreneurship and Innovation


The High-tech Zone opened up 318,000 square meters of land to build the new incubator around the goal of building the brand of “Lanbei”, among which 234,000 square meters are used as operation area, adding the total operation land to 2,012,000 square meters. Now the zone has 15 national-level incubators and maker spaces and 952 projects of entrepreneurship and innovation.


The High-tech Zone has identified the intent of cooperation with four institutions like the Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS, around the construction of four innovation platforms targeted at CAS, universities, centrally administered enterprises and international enterprises. The zone has signed contracts to build Sino-US Innovation International Industry Park of Shandong University, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics of CAS and Haier New Industrial Park here. The CAS Village, with investment of 0.3 billion yuan, has gone into service to forge a first-class cooperative and innovative base. Qingdao Institute of Rail Transportation of Southwest Jiaotong University and the Institute of Geology and Energy of Qingdao University of Science and Technology settled here. The construction of Qingdao International City of Marine Equipment Technology of CSIC with an investment of 0.5 billion yuan and the Qingdao-Steinbeis International Technology Transfer Center are under way. The zone has unveiled the plague of Qingdao Academician and Experts Service Center of IASEA, developed friendly cooperation with Cupertino, city of U.S. and set up the Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Center in Israel.


The High-tech Zone has developed into a first provider for intellectual property. Qingdao Technology Trade Market was approved as National Technology Transfer Demonstration Institution, National Marine Technology Transfer Center and National Demonstration Base of Commercialization Service of Research Findings by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.


Qingdao High-tech Zone is speeding up the construction of Qingdao Blue Talent Harbor to build the high land of talent for the blue economy in line with the overall idea that talents are attracted by policies, gathered by platforms, developed by industries and retained by environments. Based on the four national-level talent bases including China Qingdao Overseas Students Pioneer Park,Qingdao High-tech Zone has recruited over four thousand high-level talents from all walks of life, among which 6 are academicians from developed countries, 18 are academicians of the two academies (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering), 43 are experts in the “Thousand Talent” program, one-third of the total in the city, and 61 are Taishan Scholar engineering talents.


Targeting at building itself into the technological center, Qingdao High-tech Zone has introduced 8 commercial bank branches bringing the total number to 110 with the management fund of 12 billion yuan. The system for “all-around license” financial organizations is now in place. The zone has been included in the first batch of pilot areas of innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises. The city’s only fund park and the technological finance online service platform are already in use.

Ⅳ Service

Qingdao High-tech Zone is installed with economic management rights for project approval, industrial and commercial management, taxation management, labor and personnel management, planning and construction project approval, environment project management, approval, supervision and acceptance for land use. It can provide convenient and high-quality services for enterprises in business registration, workshop construction, manufacturing and customs clearance.

The management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone accepts all approval processes and provides agency services for the settled enterprises, and has completed the reform in investment facilitation of enterprise invested projects. The zone takes the lead in implementing a one-stop service system for the settlement of enterprises, the supervision system of pick examination targets at random, assigning law enforcers at random and making the examination results public on time.


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