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Organizations of Qingdao High-tech Zone

General Office

Department of Party-masses Work

Organization and Personnel Department

Bureau for Economic Development and Promotion

Bureau for Scientific and Technological Innovation

Bureau of Finance

Bureau of Construction

Bureau for Social Affairs

Bureau for Administrative Approval

Substation of Land and Resources

Discipline Inspection and Audit Bureau

Financial Service Bureau

Office for Comprehensive Management

Bureau for Comprehensive Executive Law Enforcement

Talent Service and Education and Sports Development Bureau

Service Center for Eastern High-tech Zone

Production Safety Administration

Service Center for Public Utilities

Statistics Center

Software Industry Business Division

Information Technology Industry Business Division

Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Business Division

Precision Medicine Industry Business Division

Business Division of Intelligent Manufacturing and New Material Industry

Finance Industry Business Division

High-end Service Industry Business Division

Mass Entrepreneurship Service Business Division

Business Division for Scientific Research Institutions Comprehensive Service

Internet Industry Business Division

Reception Office

Office for Industrial Carrier Construction

Office for Major Project Promotion

Office for Shantytown Transformation

Publicity and Promotion Office

Accredited Organs in the High-tech Zone

High-tech Zone Substation of Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau

High-tech Zone Brigade of Qingdao Municipal Traffic Police Detachment

High-tech Zone Sub-bureau of Qingdao Urban Planning Bureau

High-tech Zone Sub-bureau of Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau

High-tech Zone Branch Office of Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce

High-tech Zone Sub-bureau of Qingdao Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Qingdao High-tech Zone, SAT

High-tech Zone Sub-bureau of Qingdao Local Taxation Bureau

High-tech Zone Branch Office of Qingdao Food and Drug Administration


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