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Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park

General Overview

Located in Laoshan District, Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park is an important part of Qingdao High-tech Zone. It was approved with a planning area of 8.8 square kilometers by the State Council in 1992. Giving full play to its strategic role as a development engine, Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park sticks to high-end, innovative and intensive development and has made great achievements in the cultivation of special industries, the gathering of innovation resources and the improvement of the environment for innovation. In 2009, the gross industrial output value of enterprises in the Park amounted to 44.2 billion yuan and the industrial added value reached 10.5 billion yuan, realizing a tax revenue of over 8 billion yuan. In Jan. 2010, Qingdao (Laoshan) Science and Technology City was approved by Qingdao government to be built based on Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park with a planning area of 42 square kilometers.

High and New Technology Special Industries

Over the years, in line with the development ideas of competitive differentiation and dislocation development and sticking to high-end, innovative and intensive development, Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park has been taking the high-end link of the industrial division system and devoting great efforts to foster characteristic industrial clusters. High-tech industries were set up in the Park dominated by electronic communication, marine biological pharmacy, advanced manufacturing and new materials. In 2009, 67 enterprises in the Park were identified as high-tech companies and contributed an output value of 32.6 billion yuan.

Based on the existing industrial clusters, the Park is developing and building professional parks and zones including the national communication industrial park and biological medicine industrial park for the sake of intensive investment and cluster development.

Superior Innovation Resources

Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park speeds up the pace of gathering high quality innovation resources. Three comprehensive universities are located in the park, namely, Ocean University of China, Qindao University and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. And the Submarine Academy will soon to enter the Park. The park is also the home to 7 scientific research institutions, 33 key laboratories at municipal level and above and 10 engineering technology research center at municipal level and above. An accumulation of over 600 national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects have been carried out by enterprises and institutions in the Park. Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park has become one of the most vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship parks in Qingdao, even in Shandong province.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship System

Qingdao High Science and Technology Industrial Park maintains a strong momentum in independent innovation and makes great efforts to foster the brand of Qingdao Entrepreneurship Park. 13 high-tech entrepreneurship bases and over one hundred enterprises have settled in the Park, which in turn promotes the scale and cluster development of high-tech industries.

In terms of public technological platform construction and professional service, the Park has launched special public technological platforms such as biomedical materials test base and software public technology service platform. The park has also established close cooperative relations with more than 30 professional intermediary service agencies who will provide professional services for enterprises in the Park. Long-term in-depth cooperation has also been set up with colleges including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China and Xidian University. In 2009, 15 programs were listed as national-level innovation fund projects and 85 included in Qingdao municipal science and technology development plan, obtaining an annual financial support of over 52 million yuan in total. With 9,577 patent applications and 6,216 having been licensed, the Park topped the province. High-tech enterprises in the Park have dominated or taken part in the making of over 600 technological standards, 9 international standards, over 150 national standards and more than 200 industrial standards.


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