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Qingdao High and New Technology Development Demonstration Zone

Developing Condition

As an important part of Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Qingdao New Technology Industrial Development Experimental Zone is located at the Technological Zone of Qingdao Development Zone, covering an area of 0.825 square kilometers. 70 enterprises in total has settled down here, among which 30 are high-tech enterprises, and invested 6.3 billion yuan with paid-in investment of nearly 0.12 billion dollars. The experimental zone has developed into a economic growth engine of Haungdao District with fastest economic growth, highest rate of return on investment, strongest innovative capacity and best development potential, and one of the high-tech clusters with largest scale in Qingdao.

Development Features

Relying on the strengths of high-tech enterprises, universities and research institutions and focusing on key technological projects, the experimental zone has paid much attention to the development of electric information enterprises with advanced technology, high degree of industrial correlation and solid capital strength and business scale. Starting from the equipment manufacturing information, the experimental zone gives a priority to developing contemporary integrated manufacturing technology, information technology of manufacturing technique and production management, modeling and simulation technology, digitalization, intelligent and advanced control system and instruments technology.

Development Planning

Qingdao New Technology Industrial Development Experimental Zone has set a overall target during the 11th Five-Year Plan, which is to fully carry forward the development strategies of constructing the experimental zone, industry belt and aggregated zone, optimize the entrepreneurship environment and make the high-tech industry dominant industry and build the zone into a national brand experimental zone with high technology being the dominant industry.


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