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Blue Silicon Valley Core Area

“We should make efforts to improve the capacity for marine resource exploitation, develop marine economy, protect marine eco-environment, firmly safeguard national maritime rights and benefits and build China into a strong maritime power,” according to the 18th CPC National Congress. The Plan on the Development of Blue Economic Zone in Shandong Peninsula was approved by the State Council on 4 January, 2017, to build the blue economic zone in Shandong Peninsula. Qingdao has been playing a leading role in implementing the strategy for building China into a maritime power. The CPC municipal committee and municipal government of Qingdao has taken the initiative in fulfilling this historic mission, seizing the commanding height of the global marine science and technology and enhancing the regional carrying capacity of marine sci-tech research. Qingdao was the first to propose the strategic plan for building China Blue Silicon Valley, which would be a powerful engine of Qingdao for controlling the commanding point of blue economy. The plan of Qingdao for building the demonstration zone of marine scientific and technological innovation in Blue Silicon Valley has been included in the 12th Five Year Plan for National Marine Economy (2011-2015). The Blue Silicon Valley Core Zone succeeded to be selected as the fifth national demonstration base of developing marine industry through science and technology, and listed in the 4th phase of partnership in environmental management for the seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) as the blue knowledge and technological platform. Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Development Planning has got approvals from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Oceanic Administration.

Located at the northern foot of Lao Mountain, by the side of Huanghai Sea and Aoshan Bay, Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley covers a land area of 218 square kilometers and a oceanic area of 225 square kilometers and governs two streets and 116 villages with a total population of 102,900 people and a coastline of 37.8 kilometers. The working committee and management committee of Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Core Zone was established on January 13, 2012, in charge of the development and construction of the Blue Silicon Valley. Aiming for building Chinese Blue Silicon Valley and New City of Marine Technology, Qingdao plans to turn the Blue Silicon Valley into a high land of marine technological innovation, pilot area of marine culture and education, leading area of marine new industry, new city of coastal ecological technology, world-famous marine technological research center, achievements incubation center, talent attraction center, cultivation center of new industry, trade center of intellectual poverty and the national demonstration center of marine technological innovation. In order to achieve the target, the overall planning and some specialized planning were entrusted to several world-known design institutions. The intercity rail traffic, urban roads and other infrastructures is under construction and integrated infrastructure system with reasonable layout, complete supporting facilities and fluent operational procedure will be built. The zone is making efforts to attract more talents and investors, complete the industrial planning and formulate a series of preferential policies for innovation and entrepreneurship and provide good environment for research institutions and high-level talents. More than 20 state-owned research institutions and universities has been brought into, including National Laboratory, National Deep Sea Base, Qingdao Campus of Shandong University, and so on. In addition, over 140 research centers of enterprises and a batch of major platforms have settled down here. The zone has introduced more than 34,000 talents from different fields. The construction of talent apartment covering an area of 0.8 million square meters has been started. The zone is going to build ten new-type communities covering 13 villages and raise the pension insurance of eligible people to equal to the minimum treatment standard of that of Qindgao Municipality. By far, the core zone has spent 20 billion yuan in total in the newly conducted area of six million square meters.

In the future, Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley will be built into a world-class high land of marine technological innovation, contribute to the leapfrog development of marine basic sciences, the inshore and deep-sea application technologies and the overall level of national marine technological innovation. The zone is going to built itself into the pilot zone of marine culture and education, attract more marine research institutions and talents, build modern marine culture brand and leading zone of new marine industry to take the lead in the development of Qingdao, Shandong even China’s marine industry. The zone will be built into a modern coastal eco-tech new city supported by technological innovation, featuring marine ecological civilization.

Qingdao Marine Scientific and Technological Experiment

National Deep Sea Base

Qindgao Campus, Shandong University

First Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration

Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology of Ministry of Land and Resources

National Marine Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Qingdao Blue Center

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