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Qingdao Marine High-tech Zone

Functional orientation

Qingdao Marine High-tech Zone is committed to building the pilot zone of marine technological independent innovation that is led by science and technology. Also, the zone will make overall and integrated plans for building a sea-land coordinated development pilot zone, build a first-class core zone for the new zone through a two-engines driven model, transformation and upgrading efforts, building a national marine new material high-tech industry base by tapping the potential and improving the industry at a high level, and taking the lead in building a marine technological service zone via innovation and development so as to forge itself into a national independent innovation demonstration zone.

Industrial Layout

Core Zone

The core zone will be developed with the target of building a new intelligent, ecological and vibrant town with a layer development model, functional maturation and perfect service. The zone will fully learn from and draw on the experience of other pilot zones such as Tianhe in Guangzhou, Qianhai in Shenzhen and Pudong in Shanghai to push the planning forward in multiple dimensions. The team led by the vice president of Tongji University Wu Zhiqiang is planning on the concept of one belt, two rivers, five parks and six zones based on a high standard, which will include administrative, financial, recreational and creative functions, which is expected to pass the evaluation. Four programs are now in the rapid development process. One is the planning of West Coast Financial Street covering an area of four sq. km., extendingto Doujin River in the west, the coast line in the east, Qinhuangdao Street in the North and Feng River in the South. The zone is optimizing and upgrading the design scheme of the program to build a world-class financial center. The planning of the Underground City is expected to be started after the scheme is formed at the end of July, to build a pilot zone in the underground space within the Financial Street. The zone plans to invite Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research and Tianjin Architectural Design Institute to design this Underground City and establish the comprehensive underground transportation network based on the underground space along the central axis between Shizuizi Village and the Civic Square, which could connect the surrounding buildings. The China Railway Convention and Exhibition Center is planned to be built along the sides of Qingcao River and Binhai Avenue covering an area of 1,850 mu, to forge it into an international convention and exhibition center. Feng River Economic Belt will be built to focus on comprehensive development so as to inject new life into the economic development of Feng River Valley and build a new spindle of the new zone.

Marine Industrial Park

The zone plans to build three key industrial parks, which are Marine Biological Industrial Park, Marine Industrial Park and Marine Logistics Park, to develop marine high-tech industry and construct bases for promoting and incubating high technology, intellectual property trade and electric commerce.


The park covers a wide range of marine new technological industries such as marine biology, marine medicine and sea water conversion. Next, a batch of enterprises that have started production will be cultivated, including Bright Moon Seaweed Group, Qingdao Langyatai Group and Tritech (Qingdao) Membrane Industry Co., Ltd. Three projects on marine functional health food worth about 2 billion yuan will be constructed.


The park is expected to cover an area of 15 square kilometers built to a high standard and emphasize the development of high-tech industries including marine new material, marine industrial equipment, yachts and autos. The infrastructure will be completely equipped at least within the area of 1 square kilometers. The park will be built with the target of attracting investment over 0.25 billion yuan.


A new marine logistics park will be built covering 2 square kilometers around the Huangdao Station of Qingdao-Lianyungang Railway. A batch of major logistics projects are expected to settle here, including the ecommerce project of Zenith Logistics and the project of Mapletree Logistics.


Based on the existing industrial undertaking platform, the zone is to establish three ecommerce platforms on intellectual property, mechanical equipment and marine high technology. The public service platform for mass innovation and entrepreneurship, co-funded by the management committee of Qingdao Marine High-tech Zone, Star Science and Technology Group and Qingdao Jinshi Holdings Limited, was contracted recently. The preparations for building ecommerce platform for industrial equipment and marine products are on the go. The ecommerce platform co-established by Shanghai Jijie Information Technology Co. Ltd. and Alibaba Group is now at the design stage. Next, the zone will strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutions, and enhance interactions with governments, colleges (research institutions) and enterprises to gather resources and forge a mass entrepreneurship platform.

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