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Located in the north of Jiaozhou Bay, Hongdao is encircled by Jiaozhou Bay in the east, south and west and boasts a coastline of 35.2 kilometers. With a land area of 28.7 square kilometers, Hongdao is the home to 14,208 households. From 2012 to 2014, Hongdao was awarded as national civilization unit for three consecutive years.


Hongdao is the largest island in Jiaozhou Bay. It was also known as Lianhua Island in ancient times because it looks like a lotus in shape. In Jan. 1967, it was renamed as Hongdao. The island was previously separated from the land. In 1913, the gap was filled between the salt pan on the north of Hongdao Island and Shangma. Latter, the salt pan expanded, connecting Hongdao Island and the land and making it a peninsula.

In June 1994, Qingdao adjusted its administrative divisions. Hongdao Town was put under the administration of Chengyang District, itself administering 17 villages. In June 2001, Hongdao was adjusted as a block and became an agency of Chengyang government. In accordance with the new development strategy, Hongdao Block was put under the administration of Hongdao Economic Zone.


Located in the hilly area, Hongdao is high in the center and low on all sides, with the highest elevation of 56.5 meters and the lowest 1.8 meters. The Huanglan area, Xinandao area and Dongdashan area extend to the sea and form three big capes. Hongdao enjoys distinct temperate maritime climate, the average annual temperature being 15 degrees centigrade and average annual rainfall 490 mm. It is an ideal haven and no serious storm tides happen. With a green coverage ratio of 35 percent, Hongdao was named as a model of green blocks.

Marine Resources

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Hongdao is rich in marine resources including various kinds of seafood such as clam, crab, flat lobster and octopus. Its output of aquatic products once topped Qingdao city for years. Hongdao Clam has become a famous brand and has been exported to Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

Local Economy

Traditional fishing and aquiculture dominate the first industry of Hongdao, while the fish processing industry dominates its second industry. Relying on its favorite natural and marine resources, Hongdong develops coastal tourism with a dozen of scenic spots such as Fantawild Resort, Hanjia Folk Customs Village and Qingyun Palace. In 2012, Hongdao block was rated as a leading tourism town and the best leisure town in Shandong.

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